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Sex Offender Treatment Program

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Toronto Relationship Clinic is a community-based, evidence-informed, integrative treatment program that bridges the gap between mental health and the law. We work with adult males who are facing sexual offending charges before the courts. Your privacy and confidentiality will be maintained per the ethical guidelines by which all regulated mental health professionals are bound.

Our approach to treating of out-of-control sexual behaviour is:

  • Evidence-informed and based in interpersonal neurobiology

  • Recovery-oriented, strengths-based, and person-centred

  • Emotionally focused with a foundation in attachment theory and trauma therapy

  • Systems-oriented and collaborative

Let’s face it. No one wakes up one day and decides that today is the day they are going to commit a criminal offence. The root cause of most criminal behaviour happens long before an offence occurs. It often begins with negative childhood experiences, abuse, unresolved trauma, emotional pain, chronic stress, mental illness, or other unidentified and untreated organic factors. These negative patterns become amplified over time if individuals do not have the strategies or the capacity to manage them. It may surprise you how easily old patterns can change when we create the conditions for new, healthy patterns to emerge.

Science tells us that the brain can change because of neuroplasticity. Toronto Relationship Clinic can help facilitate change by working with you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. We can help you learn how to manage your old, negative behaviours by addressing root causes so that new and healthy patterns may emerge. You will learn how to identify the feelings and beliefs that are often precursors to offending behaviour. You will also learn how to identify and deconstruct your triggers, develop empathy, build shame resilience, and practice self-compassion in order to minimize the risk of re-offending.

What about pedophilia?

Research suggests that pedophilia may be a sexual orientation. If you struggle with pedophilia, the first step would be to talk to a professional who can support you as you work through feelings of guilt or shame, towards creating a life that is flourishing, full of joy, and safe.



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