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love better.

Have you and your partner been arguing all the time? Bickering over big and little things?

Did you recently find out that you were being cheated on and now you feel devastated, angry, and bitter?

Have you been feeling emotionally disconnected or sexually stuck? Like the spark has disappeared?

Does your soulmate suddenly feel like a roommate? Like you’re just two strangers living under one roof? Like you don’t even recognize the person sleeping next to you anymore?

You know that things can be better but you just don’t know where to start or how to get there?

Reconnect. Repair. Rebuild.

Whether you’re sexually frustrated or emotionally exhausted, at the Toronto Relationship Clinic, we can help you make sense of what’s going on, resolve underlying issues, and learn how to talk to each other again. You'll learn how to identify and disrupt negative patterns and create new and deeper ways of connecting.

It may surprise you how easily old patterns can change when we create the conditions for new, healthy patterns to emerge. Old wounds often show up as anxiety, depression, anger, relationship conflict, health problems, out-of-control urges, low self-esteem, fear, and other common issues.

Life is complicated. Relationships are hard. People are complex. Those are the facts.

You may be dealing with sensitive issues that you feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about. We can address these concerns together in a safe, accepting, non-judging way.

Whether together or apart, we’ll work together to identify your goals and gain clarity around your next steps.



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Feeling disconnected

After a relationship moves past the exciting early phase and settles into predictable routine, couples can find themselves growing apart. Disconnection can also be an effect of illness, loss, death, incarceration or other negative life events. Issues such as communication barriers, insecurity, infidelity, and sexual frustration are all part of the common struggles that couples experience.  At the Toronto Relationship Clinic, you can learn how to reconnect and heal. The end result is a relationship that is stronger and closer than ever.


Relationship IN CRISIS

Maybe you started out in love but your relationship has been on rocks due to betrayal, addiction, mental illness, financial problems, or disagreements that have slowly eroded the connection you once shared. Whether you’re on the brink of divorce, contemplating separation, or feeling devastated and lost, speaking to a professional can help. You are welcome to come alone or with your partner. Whether your goal is to stay together or separate, the road ahead will be hard. We will help you gain clarity about your next steps and work with you to reach your goals.



Whether you are newlyweds, empty-nesters or experiencing a major change, navigating transitions can be especially challenging in relationships. Transitions can be exhilarating, but they can also be scary. The excitement of something new often carries with it the grief over the loss of what was. The Toronto Relationship Clinic can help individuals, couples, and families process emotions that arise through seasons of change. We'll help you build resilient and healthy relationships.