Couple & Family Counselling 


Relationships are foundational to our lives, but they can also be complicated.
Through couple and family counselling, you will learn to reconnect, repair, and rebuild.


Disconnected Couples

After a relationship moves past the exciting early phase and settles into predictable routine, couples can find themselves growing apart. Disconnection can also be an effect of illness, loss, death, incarceration or other negative life events. Issues such as communication barriers, insecurity, infidelity, and sexual frustration are all part of the common struggles that couples experience.  At the Toronto Relationship Clinic, you can learn how to reconnect and heal. The end result is a relationship that is stronger and closer than ever.

Dysfunctional Families  

Every family faces a certain level of dysfunction, but some family experiences can cause long-term trauma, affecting our lives and relationships. Through family counselling, we can help you identify solutions to communication problems, behavioural issues, and emotional challenges. We encourage families to participate in therapy together. We'll teach you the strategies to help build resilient kids, resourceful parents, and flourishing families.  

Relationships in Transition

Whether you are newlyweds, empty-nesters or experiencing a major change, navigating transitions can be especially challenging in relationships. Transitions can be exhilarating, but they can also be scary. The excitement of something new often carries with it the grief over the loss of what was. The Toronto Relationship Clinic can help individuals, couples, and families process emotions that arise through seasons of change. We'll help you build resilient and healthy relationships. 


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